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Iím living beyond my means
by Daniella Terrier, Power Shopper

Hey! What do you think of these new jeans I got? Donít you just love the way Sevens fit? I know theyíre a little expensive, but I think itís worth $150 to make my butt look this good. Plus, Iím turning 21 this month, and I need some new jeans to wear downtown.

I had lunch with Jenny today, and she was talking about her financial aid stuff. We were agreeing how important college is, you know, not just for the education, but for the independence it teaches you. She told me this guy she knew in high school was going to a community college so he could live at home and save some money. But how is he going to learn the independence that comes from living on your own?

Are you kidding? Itís already time to pay our rent again? I hope my dad remembered to transfer me my monthly allowance. I am going to be so pissed if he was late ó that is so irresponsible.

I think Iím going to check out By George on my way home from class today. Yeah, I know I said I was going to try to use my parentsí Visa less this month, but I have to get that little blue dress they have in the window. Besides, I think I deserve it for passing my Spanish test last week.

Speaking of walking down the Drag, I am so sick of all those people asking me for change when I walk to and from school. I mean, hello, Iím a poor college student. Why do they think I have any extra money to spare? Plus, I never have cash on me, you know? Ugh.

Okay, so do you think I should carry my Louis Vuitton or my tan Coach purse today? Oh my God, you would not believe what this girl who sits in front of me in class was saying the other day. She told her friend she didnít see the point in paying a ďfortuneĒ for a real Fendi when a fake can look just as good. Can you believe that? I mean, you only have to look at the straps to know that itís just a cheap imitation.

I know I spend a lot of money one some things, but itís not like Iím irresponsible with my money. I try to look for sales on stuff, and I really only splurge on the essentials. I even remembered to use that coupon I had on my new Chi!

So anyway, I just think living on your own is so important. I mean, this is really preparing us for real life. I mean, one day we are going to have jobs and stuff, and our parents arenít going to be there to do everything for us. Oh! That reminds me, I need to make an appointment for a manicure this Friday. Sometimes I surprise myself with how independent Iíve become.
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