November 2006

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AIM Buddy Icons

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AIM Buddy Icons
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How Do I Do This?
Open AIM and click on the icon you want to be your very own. Or you could right-click and save the graphic. Or draw the icon on a piece of paper and glue it to the lower left-hand corner of your body for 'Face-to-Face Messaging.'
Character Icons
Mustachio Orlando Your Dad Banged Your Mom
He'll Biggie Size your heart!
Grover Manheim
Everybody's favorite misogynist now has his own AIM icon!
Grover Manheim Gets Krunk at OU Weekend Eric Jenkins & His Ukulele
All the girls want him and all the guys want to be him: the Travesty's very own Eric Jenkins!
The Smiting Jesus The Flaming Shitbag
Logo Icons
The Travesty Logo
Help spread the word using the infinite power of Instant Messaging.
Cover Icons
September 2003 Cover September 2003 Cover Close-Up
The famous Travesty paddle.
April/May 2003 Cover! March 2003 Cover
March 2003 Cover Close-Up
Ahh, the glorious image of a slumped, post-coital Tower!
January/February 2003 Cover
November 2002 Cover October 2002 Cover
September 2002 Cover
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