April/May 2006 (v8 i6)
Crossing Your Border 1997
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april/may Campus Spotlight

Jamie Shelldon
The Turtle Whisperer

Texas Travesty: Thanks for inviting us into your habitat. What niche would you say you fill in the University?

Turtle Whisperer: [whispers] Iíll be right back, my reptilian friends. [speaking] I use my mystical talents to heal the emotional wounds of University students.

TT: And you do this by speaking with turtles?

TW: [whispers] Quiet down, Randy. [speaking] Yes.

TT: What is your favorite movie starring a talking animal?

TW: Dr. Dolittle.

TT: The original, or the one with Eddie Murphy?

TW: Eddie Murphy still makes movies?

TT: Yes.

TW: Thatís unfortunate.

TT: Moving on, what do you do for fun?

TW: I have one of most extensive Star Wars figurine collections in central Texas.

TT: Was that a turtle shell the Ewok used to alert his troops at the Battle of Endor?

TW: No, I think it was a conch.

TT: What about a giant crab shell?

TW: Thatís also a possibility.
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