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Is government sophomore Brad Becker trading the bicameral legislature for the bisexual lifestyle? A well-placed source spotted Becker in a UGL group study room, embracing his longtime study companion Tyler Nielson. Looks like the doors at the UGL aren’t the only thing that swing both ways.

Speaking of swing sets, last Friday graduate student Lindsey Reinhold bought a box of Franzia for her high-school boyfriend Todd Young. It is reported that Young and Reinhold broke up later that evening per his mother’s request. But don’t judge Reinhold just because she likes ’em young!

Unlike Reinhold’s pedophilia, the jury is still out on who stole Rebecca Stevenson’s iPod. In related news, resident advisor Chad Murdock was seen on a Gregory Gym Stairmaster jamming out to his new iPod.

However, Murdock’s Stairmaster isn’t the only thing going up and down! The elevator at Kinsloving recently took unescorted “easy rider” Sam O’Connor up a mere one floor to his girlfriend Andrea Simone’s dorm room. Looks like O’Connor gave those fourth-floor residents the shaft. And speaking of shafts and going down, Simone refuses to comment on her carpet-burned knees.

What else is goin’ down? Freshman Kim Lao’s GPA, that’s what! Could this be why she was seen canoodling her biology professor, Dr. Michael Fordington? Last Wednesday, Lao enjoyed sucking up her mocha latte with the professor at the Cactus Café. We heard the two made quite the prickly pair.

Did someone say prick? Chris McKendry dropped girlfriend Margaret Fontaine like a New Year’s resolution after there was a pregnancy scare. Though her period was later than a 4am booty call, she eventually had better flow than Lil’ Flip.

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