October 2005 (v8 i2)
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Sweaty, straining, solipsistic   the scatological sages of our Modern Age toil behind ever-present Sharpies to entertain and enlighten the voiding masses. Who are these mysterious poets who draw forth from their formidable bowels such impacted assets of shit-wit and wisdom? Do they decorate their personal lavatories for private amusement? And why do they equip quills of permanent ink when absconding to the lavatory to pinch one off? We don't know, dear readers. Such profound mysteries  the whereabouts of Jimmy Hoffa's body, Nicole Simpson's real killer   belong, like the moon and the stars, to the heavens. This month, we pay tribute to Shithouse Poets everywhere, scouring the globe to bring you the world's best toilet graffiti. This month's staff favorites: Mariah Carey's master bathroom and a stall at the CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia.
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