October 2005 (v8 i2)
Dying for Attention Since 1997
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October 2005 (v8 i2)

Kristin Hillery

Managing Editor
JJ Hermes

Design Director
David Strauss

Associate Editors
Elizabeth Barksdale
Kathryn Edwards
Janice Chan

Writing Staff
Mike Faerber
Sara Kanewske
Todd Mein
Jill Morris
John Roper
Toby Salinger
Laura Schulman
Stephen Short
Christie Young

Copy Chief
Stephanie Bates

Design Staff
Ryan Flores
Adam Shackleton
Dayna Conklin
TJ Sharp
Samantha Soper
Christina Vara

Erica Grundish

Stan Babbitt

Bradley Jackson

Mike Kantor

Administrative Assistants
Sandy Arriaga
Zack Claxton
Jen Goldstein
Travis Henning
Kelsey Lamb
Garrett Rowe

Contributing Editors
Ryan B. Martinez
Todd Nienkerk

Cover photo
Kristin Hillery

Travesty Girl
Samantha Soper (layour)

Avian Flu
Christina Vara (layout)

Kristin Hillery
Adam Shackleton

Soviet Newsletter
Todd Nienkerk
David Strauss
Lederhosen Smith

Frat Guys/Pictures Page
JJ Hermes (photos)

Bureaucracy Guide
Todd Mein (illustrations)

Lesley Dixon
JJ Hermes
Mike Kantor
Todd Mein
John Roper
Adam Shackleton
Samantha Soper
David Strauss
Christina Vara

Contributing Writers
Camden Gilman
Eric Seufert

Jacob Abernathy
Jamelle Arbuthnot
Wade A. Burch
Naomi Campbell
Will Dowell
Jakub Felkl
Cole Finley
Chris Marple
Chase Martin
Anne Marie Norman
Betty Salanic
Diana Tong
Martin Wiggins
Adam Wilhite
Sarah Woo

Ad sales
Janice Chan
Erica Grundish

Shout Outz
Winning Best of Austin for the third year in a row; Spoon the Editor; an insane amount of giant flies in the office; $30 worth of scrapbooking junk; Ryan's cameo; people who witness to Goths; 15-minute parking by the Tower; sleepovers; just doing it and getting it over with; buying a ton of teen magazines; playing dress-up; Justin Timberlake's total jamz; truth or dare; Wanfu; chin zits; Big Tex; getting stuck at Mockingbird Station; media passes and fitting nine people in a tiny car; the bubble funhouse; pee-pee on the stairs; jorts fights; we are scat men; e-mails to lovers; Jill's hairball; the worst job ever; waterproofing decks; four hours in a car with David; wearing the same shirt for two days; going to the mall instead of a free haunted house; birds are pretty annoying; the challenges of reading; Mikey's three-second boners; Les Moonves; truck drivers; a very distinct musk; touching Gunther's tra-la-la; China Grill; freaks; naughty pumpkin assault; new boyfriends; hot and juicy fulfillment; tricky crosswords; the Carver
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