October 2005 (v8 i2)
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Waitlist (n): synonym for false hope

Erective (n): an elective you want to take so badly it gives your brain a hard-on

DeLay (v): to cause to be later or slower than desired, especially as the result of an indictment (e.g., "Sorry for being late to the political action committee meeting — I got DeLayed when I was arrested for drunk driving and indecency with a dead intern.")

Jose Canseco (n): a profoundly tiny, shriveled penis bookended by half-chewed, raisin-like testes beneath 20 pounds of matted, gray hair and congealed sweat

Stefani (n): one who approaches racism both casually and oddly (e.g., "Wow, Lauren's turned into such a Stefani. Look at how much she pays those six Eskimos to follow her around and not ever speak English.")

Herpetron (n): a robot that gives you herpes

University Co-opt (v): to take for one's own profit, to rip off (e.g., "With no copyright laws yet in existence, William Shakespeare saw no wrong in University Co-opting ideas from other playwrights' work.")

Django Reinhart (v): to jam your keys deep into the eye of a sleeping child
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