October 2005 (v8 i2)
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concerns and praise
from our literate public

You've been working for hours on that paper. You deserve a break. Come on over and check up on me — you never know what's going on here. All your wildest dreams could come true. I'm full of anything you could ever need or want.
          The Internet
          Foul Temptress

Im different, I promise!
Wanna have fun at work and make great money?
          vague classified ad
          defintely not a gimmick

A critical response
What I got from the reading was that the zeitgeist of the bourgeoisie greatly contributed to the ad hoc sacrosanctifilication of the contemporary policy imperatives. It's quite the existentially calamitous foyer. Broadly applying the generalization of imperial hegemony, the author dove headlong into dissecting societal consciousness. If one cannot fully divest from the sanctum of carelessness, a truly Kafkaesque scenario may result.
          Some bullshit essay
          Full of buzz words

I can't keep up this charade much longer
So I'm crouching in a fetal position on some jerk's living room floor, as you all point and yell at me, all your worthless, mindless accusations, but I keep silent, motionless, hoping that just one of you will understand before time runs out. I'm so tired of this game how can I go on?
          Melodramatic guy pretending to be a rock
          Definitely not a personified object

Supreme sycophancy
Have you seen the latest episode of Commander in Chief? That is the greatest show on television, deserving of great respect. Cool!
          Harriet Miers
          Spurting hyperbole

Dry humor
Trees suck.
          Wants its nutrients back

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