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Singles find close estimation to love
Online dating this generation’s dimly lit bar
by Stephanie Bates, Staff Writer

Wanna cyber? LOL j/k!!!! 8-)
SANTA FE, NM — In increasing numbers, lovelorn singles are turning to the internet to find that one person who comes closest to being remotely near the ballpark of people who might potentially be congruent to someone who resembles their ideal mate.

Denise Kryer, who found fiancée Marvin Parish through an online dating service, said she benefited from having their first interactions online.

"It was great to find out his physical preferences for a woman before I actually met him," she said. "I had plenty of time to dye my hair blond, Marvin's favorite hair color, and order some green contacts before he ever saw my natural physical features."

Parish believes online dating offers customers a chance to find their perfect matches.

"I mean, my first thought was how eerie it was that she looked just like my ideal woman," Parish said of the first time he saw Kryer. "I knew then that we were meant to be."

Parish also thinks the system has countless advantages that typical dating can't compete with.

"I used to blow 150 bucks on my first three dates with a girl — that's $150 per girl!" said Parish. "Denise and I had our first five dates in chat rooms. I saved a bundle by not having to get to know her in person. It only cost the monthly $35 'price of love.'"

Creator of Robert Heinemann believes online dating is more effective than more traditional forms of meeting people.

"Meeting people out in the real world just doesn't work nowadays," said Heinemann. "America's divorce rates are up because the old ways of meeting potential life partners aren't working."

Heinemann further explained: "I mean, how are two people expected to be able to carry on a real conversation with each other if they haven't been properly screened and matched according to personality analyses?"

Annaleese Guerra, a three-time divorcée, has been a member of MeantToBe since she first saw the company's e-mail in her junk mail folder.

"OMG, what if I hadn't opened that e-mail!" she said. "Online dating has been way more successful for me than dating IRL."

Guerra has been dating solely via MeantToBe for more than two years.

"It works so well that I've gotten three husbands out of it, and I'm engaged to my fourth!" she explained as she waved her engagement ring. "I know that this time is the real thing though; our personality tests showed 97.6 percent compatibility! My last husband and I were only at 95.2. I should have seen that divorce coming a mile away."

The accuracy promised by the 32-question personality test taken by all customers upon registration is what attracts so many hopeful singles to the service.

"Everyone knows that computers are smarter than people," Guerra said. "I trust a computer to find me someone I'll love for the rest of my life far more than I trust my own instincts."
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