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Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen
Mary Kate & Ashley
Consult the Oracle of Delphi About Their Next Movie

Since New York Minute bombed at the box office, our gals need to come up with a way to maintain their posh lifestyle of beach parties, bubble baths and blow! Thinking on their manicured toes, the dynamic duo charter a private jet to Greece to consult the Oracle of Delphi. Will the girls slaughter an adorable lamb in order to appease Apollo? More importantly, will they achieve that Hellenic complexion?
Mary Kate & Ashley
Discover Their Long-Lost Triplet

For 18 years, the girls have been queens of the Olsen throne. All this changes when, in the middle of proofreading their mother's high school diary, they learn that they're actually two-thirds of a triplet set! Now it's up to them to find their sister Sarah Jane: Will she be friend or foe? A size 0 or 00? And — in an environment where she hasn't been used by her parents to create an entertainment empire — will she be capable of genuine thought and feeling?
Mary Kate & Ashley
Take a Shot at Solo Careers Together

After moving into separate residences, the duo decide to take the division one step further and work on separate projects. It's a Hollywood takeover, divide-and-conquer style! Will Ashley cut a record deal even if it means she must backstab Mary Kate? Will they be able to ignore each other's telepathic pleas? In the vicious world of show business, they may find that teamwork is their only hope.
Mary Kate & Ashley
Tickle Fight All Night

When Ashley diverges from Mary Kate on the preferred method of mouth-breathing, the Terrific Two must settle the score in the most sisterly way possible: tickle fight! After a brief pause to catch their breath, they realize that they don't remember the original argument — so they resume the tickle fest anyway! Finally exhausted from all the fun, they decide to go SHOPPING!
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