March 2005 (v7 i5)
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concerns and praise
from our literate public

Politically incorrect
I used to mean something to you. Now you just use me whenever it's convenient. Some day you'll meet the real me.
          Watered-down political label

To die for
You thought you could keep me out of your life. You wouldn't even come near me. But I'm smooth. I charmed you with my home cooking and my sneaky ways. Soon, I proved too sweet, too tempting to resist. Now, finally, your heart is mine!
          A part of you

Attention seeking
I hate the way I look. I'm so sick of being this way. I need new threads, I need some fluff. I need someone to fix me, to put me together. I wanna be made.
          Your bed
          A total mess

Check this out
Hey, how's it going? Got any tests this week? Yeah, I hate mornings, too. I can't stand this drizzle. Maybe tomorrow will be sunny. That'll be $4.75. IwishIweredead. Have a nice day.
          Small talk with a cashier

Get your hands away from my cockpit. This is Virgin Airlines. You know.
          Steve Fossett
          Flying solo

Roid Rage
Where the hell is my dignity?
          Jose Canseco
          Small-balled scumbag

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