March 2005 (v7 i5)
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...she pees mayonnaise!

...there is a family of five living under her fat rolls!

...she looks like a kind, gentle bison!

...she has to bathe in the Caspian Sea!

...her vaginal canal was once mistaken for the entrance to a planetarium!

...her cells have a lipid trilayer!

...when she dies, her body will take up an entire cemetery! time she went swimming in the ocean and a whale tried to have sex with her!

...she ate a mile-long butter sandwich and washed it down with a gravy milkshake!

...if you look up the word "obese" in the dictionary, her picture is there!

...when she steps on a scale, it says 5,000 to the fat power!

...her nickname is "Fat Fuck!"

...her fat cells keep eating each other!

...she wears a size 74

...she makes Michael Moore look like Adrian Brody!
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