February 2005 (v7 i4)
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February 2005 (v7 i4)

Todd Nienkerk

Managing Editor
Kristin Hillery

Design Director
JJ Hermes

Associate Editors
Elizabeth Barksdale
Kathryn Edwards
Chanice Jan
Ryan B. Martinez

Staff Writers
Stephanie Bates
Bradley Jackson
Todd Mein
Jill Morris
John Roper
Eric Seufert
Christie Young

Design Staff
David Strauss
Christina Vara

Erica Grundish

Stan Babbitt

Toby Salinger

Mike Kantor

Administrative Assistants
Zack Claxton
Mike Faerber
Jen Goldstein
Sara Kanewske
Lindsay Meeks
Garrett Rowe
Laura Schulman
Stephen Short

Faculty Advisor
John Ruszkiewicz

JJ Hermes
Kristin Hillery
Chanice Jan
Mike Kantor
Todd Nienkerk
Todd Mein
Adam Shackleton
David Strauss
Christina Vara
... and nobody else

Cover Design
Todd Nienkerk
Adam Shackleton

iPods for Shitty Bands
Adam Shackleton (illustrator)
David Strauss (layout)
... and a couple of jerks

Todd Mein (illustrator)
... and many more

Robin Williams
Christina Vara (layout)

Contributing Writers
Bryan Berge
Dr. Nancy Daley
Camden Gilman
Liz Mandrell

Flowchart Genius
David Strauss

Dusty Mangum
Lauren Poulos

Costume Designer
Sara Kanewske

Confederate Heroes
Braxton Bragg
A.P. Hill
Stonewall Jackson
Robert E. Lee

Ad Sales
Klevis Aliaj
Emily Coalson
Erica Grundish
Kristin Hillery
Todd Nienkerk

Shout Outz
Stale German chocolate cake; the common cold, random viruses, mono, and anything else contributing to a mostly sick staff; our "reliable and easy to use" printer; John Wilkes Booth: ready to take it, according to Steph; GatorAIDS; the Emobot; alternative e-mail personalities; things you can't call monkeys; Stan's line of new boxes; maximo burritos; aching kidneys; workers who get personal; the SSB's obsession with pregnancy; Wheatsville; MSG-free tacos that give you gut-busting gas; napkin holder mishaps; using-hyphens-in-all-the-right-places; free pug puppies(!!!) and other joys of Craig's List; the Chinese New Year; Watergate conferences and hordes of old people outside the office; missing the Superbowl AND giving a shit, really; memory lapses and the 12 shots that cause them; gud speelun; Kathryn's leftist rhetoric seeping through her Commie articles; people reading over your shoulder and ummmming; surprise popcorn!; passive-aggressiveness; losing half the shout outz; forgetting to press the 'Save' button; getting served 25,000 times; the elusive and hard-to-find 'Things To Work On' list; butts; the usual Friday night curry smell; posing for pictures when everyone's watching; oversized pincher tools used to pinch off YOUR FACE; stupid missing fonts; Jammy; Eric's lame page
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