May 2004 (v6 i6)
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Top 10 Reality TV Show Moments
The one where...

1. All the girls come to realize that, whatever the outcome, everyone wins — especially the girl who gets the big titties AND a new lease on life.

2. They made a band…of natives carry all their luggage.

3. After nearing an emaciated size 10 while on a diet dictated by island life, Richard discovered the missing link — and ate it.

4. Tetris breaks down in the greatest confessional ever aired when she admits that it really was her turn to do the dishes — but she really didn’t feel like cleaning that day, guys!

5. A glacier unexpectedly arrived, thus dropping the temperatures to sub-habitable levels and taking care of the ending.

6. Paris Hilton got kicked in the stomach by a horse and maintained her perpetual expression of nonchalance.

7. Stephen Baldwin and Kathy Griffin played chicken while walking.

8. In an Inferno battle that will become the stuff of legends, Julie and Katie face off in 18 heart-stopping rounds of bull fighting…and only Mike, cast as the rodeo clown for this mission, walks away hole-less.

9. The montage in which ridiculously average Hubert, in his singular drive to woo the fickle Malena, jumps rope, pumps iron and sweats buckets while giving a punching bag the ol’ one-two — all while listening to the Cardigans’ “Love Fool.”

10. Poor but ambitious Mindy falls hard for conventionally attractive Luke, but in a mind-blowing twist of events Luke is actually Lucy, and, ironically, was once rich beyond the confines of imagination but spent her trust fund attempting to become Ali Landry’s twin only to find out that the backstabbing surgeon was paid an extra million by NBC to make her look like Oprah — oh, the horrors of reality!

11. Show participants and viewers alike learned a valuable lesson in the merits of greed, competition, racism, and ego-driven masturbation.

12. A generation of self-indulgent, self-obsessed objectivists saw the downfall of their entire culture in the cold, dead eyes of Donald Trump, and then had sex with that really hot guy.

13. The guy with one leg pulled a knife on his roommates because someone spat in his milkshake.

14. Thousands of hours of video are edited to create characters who get into dramatic situations that can be solved in 30 minutes.
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