May 2004 (v6 i6)
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concerns and praise
from our literate public

Be my first mate
Ahoy! Check out that booty! Yer the finest in all the land, ho! Sweeter than rum, thatís wot ye are. Iíve got a long wooden member, ye know. Wot? Iím just talkiní bout me peg leg! Got any ďsecret treasureĒ ta share? I sure could find yer X-marked spot, if ye know what I mean. Har, har. Wait, come back! I knew I loved ye from the moment I laid my one good eye on ye... Arrrrrrgh!
          Captain Lamerton
          Wants to loot your drawers

Hey, have you seen my belt?
I swear it was just here yesterday. Are you sure you haven't seen it? You had it last time. I'm not accusing you, I'm just saying you had it last time. I'm just looking in your room in case; maybe I left it in there.
          Your roommate
          Thinks you stole his belt

Yeah, it sucked missing so many class days this year. Do you think you could loan me all your notes and your book so I can study for finals? It would really help me out. I hope you bulleted and dated them.
          Kid who sits next to you in History
          Hasnít been to class in five weeks

Get your filthy tongue off of me
Seriously, if you donít stop poking at me, Iím never going away.
          Canker sore on the side of your cheek
          Hurts so good

imí takni ovader this fuickinh thign
hye ashslhoels im goinafg to steakl youer litlee magainze neraspapere picec o fshit haahahha iím jusat fuaickin wiht ya youre;w a realhk bnuch of moawtherfuikers!!
          Giggles the Clown
          Recurring character

Haha, you know, you would have caught that bus if youíd left just 5 seconds earlier. And that test? One more point, and youíd have passed the class. Well, things are always better the second time around. Or not, seeing as Iím going to make sure you get the same prick T.A. again. What? Of course I know the rain is totally unnecessary ó but you didnít bring an umbrella, I couldnít help myself. Oh, and that bird picking your head out of all the exposed heads in the world to crap on? Nice touch, eh?
          Layiní down the law

Vegetable trickery
Your girlfriend loves me. She gets me real steamy, right when I need it the most. My juices trickle down her chin. Iím inside her. And boy does her pee stink because of me.
          Not a cucumber
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