April 2004 (v6 i5)
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New Books by
Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen
Everybody’s favorite twosome is back in four amazing chapter books for young adults ages 9-14. Read along as Mary Kate and Ashley learn how to build a raft to freedom, tie a noose, and rake leaves! Explore the seedy back alleys of Havana where Ashley is forced at gunpoint to choose who must die: herself or Mary Kate! More importantly, will they find equally attractive dates for the Communist Ball before they are both disemboweled by the truck from which they are dragged, screaming, for over 40 kilometers? You can find these and other amazing adventures in this new series from Premeditated House Books!
Mary Kate & Ashley
Physically Feel Each Other’s Pain

OMG! Mary Kate is having cramps, and she must be saved! Read as all their friends are totally creeped out.
Mary Kate & Ashley
Fight to the Death

Read along as the Olsen twins go head-to-head with blunt objects in a race to concuss and mutilate each other to win their parents’ affection!
Mary Kate & Ashley
Travel Places You Can’t Afford to Visit

Curl up on your second-hand, barren mattress and be whisked away to places your dad’s meager salary will never let you see.
Mary Kate & Ashley
Argue Over Whose Name Goes First

“Mary Kate!” “No, Ashley!” “No — Mary Kate!” “ASHLEY!” Get ready for 127 pages of predictable, catty fun!
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