April 2004 (v6 i5)
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concerns and praise
from our literate public

Disgust and outrage
I found this month’s editorial by Grover Manheim to be offensive for many reasons. He is clearly a misogynist, and sadly, he seems proud of it. Also, he is naively perpetuating black stereotypes in a mocking fashion. In addition, I have visited Las Vegas a number of times and found it to be quite a benevolent environment and host to a cornucopia of family-friendly tourist attractions. Your article is an aspersion to the fine people of that wholesome city and tantamount to the steaming pile my German shepard, Fritz, leaves with stunning regularity on our morning walks.
          Charles Whitkins
          Somewhat offended

Las Vegas blows
In response to Mr. Whitkins’ sorry excuse for a letter to the editor in the Travesty’s “Bobby Brown” issue (“Disgust and outrage”): my hometown of Las Vegas is nothing more than a hotbed of expensive-yet-prude hookers, scrotum-soaking heat, and hoards of incontinent seniors cheating death for one more day of slots. And as for women: my wife is one stupid bitch.
          Dave Howser
          Not Doogie

Playing God
Hey, are you guys really making sea sponge animals? That’s cool. I collect them.
          Katie Beetleson
          Reads everything

Respecting minorities
I agree with Mr. Whitkins’ remarks on the careless marginalizing of African-Americans in popular culture and the necessity of reputable publications to portray their culture in the respectable manner that every minority group complains about not getting. Also, concerning the response that Mr. Baker will write (“Ulterior motives”), I do not kiss ass for a living and happen to enjoy my position at Pepsi Co., asshole.
          Jenny McCann

Ulterior motives
Could Ms. McCann (“Respecting minorities”) have been any more obvious in her thinly veiled sycophancy, predictably aimed at gaining favor with her African-American supervisor at the bottling plant?
          Tim Baker

I think they make that stuff up anyway, doofuses.
          Grant Myers
          Breath of fresh air
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