November 2003 (v6 i3)
Doubting the moon landing since 1997
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november hottie

Pizza Glenn
Pizza Delivery Boy

Ding-dong! The doorbell ringeth! Answer its siren song and feast your eyes upon a golden brown Adonis. Watch as he handles your steaming box like the professional that he is, leaving you satisfied and messy-mouthed. Deliver to us the sustenance for which our venters cry. Oh Glenn, measure again the circumference of my pie!
vital info
Hobbies: kind of being able to play guitar, chilling in my car, dodgeball, insubordination, pointing at the mirror and saying “You da man!”
Turn-ons: free bong hits, rich dudes, hot girls’ blogs, lonely women
Turn-offs: third-story apartments, real jobs/steady employment, mean dogs, sprinklers, pizza
Motto: "Tag a beej!"
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