November 2003 (v6 i3)
Doubting the moon landing since 1997
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November 2003 (v6 i3)

Todd Nienkerk

Managing Editor
Jake Wilburn

Design Director
Lance Marshall

Associate Editors
Elizabeth Barksdale
Ryan Martinez

Staff Writers
Camden Gilman
J.J. Hermes
Todd Mein
John Roper
Joel Siegel

Contributing Writers
Rob Curran
Beau Dubroc
Jared Van Fleet

Design Staff
Gray Garmon
Justin Olsen

Kristin Hillery

Stan Babbitt

Stephanie Bates

Jeff Forman

Web Staff
Dylan Sanders

Faculty Advisor
John Ruszkiewicz

Administrative Assistants
Leala Ansari
Chloe Lampman
Chanice Jan
Kathryn Edwards
Erica Grundish
Jill Morris
Janna Thornberry
Christie Young

Elizabeth Barksdale
J.J. Hermes
Todd Nienkerk
and the staff

Todd Nienkerk

Back Page
Todd Nienkerk

Gray Garmon
J.J. Hermes
Todd Mein
Todd Nienkerk
Justin Olsen
Joel Siegel

Sumeet Barai
Beau Dubroc
Eric Jenkins
Thomas Lombardi
Steven Metting
Nathan Wilburn
Sergio Leal
Archibald Martin
Luke Brandenberg

Shout Outz
Russian women; belly chuckles; things proposed real quick; muggy weather; horseplay; water breaks; your mom as a background; Dwight Yoakum; resonance burps; Ladies who take the condom off; slow children; fire; Liz getting into grad school; endowed chairs; prolapsed rectums; the morning film on your teeth; Tony Danza’s broken back; Levi’s; Domino’s; Jake’s mom; showing ownership with apostrophes; dodgeball; missing class and passing gas; two new computers; Leala’s first video game experience; shoehorns; nine pound masking tape balls; turning lights off in public bathrooms; Tenacious D; clown cars; cats that miss the litterbox; foreign languages; the Lyte Funky Ones; Aaron Carter; underpants gnomes; going home for the holidays; The Onion; chodes; baking cookies; Joel’s haircut; being aloof in a sexy way; rolling chairs; awesome knots; the San Antonio Zoo; smellologists; JBF hair; Toogood: the suckiest kicker in life; bags of hair; undershirts; drunk models; Uncle Sam; shitty dating shows; Junior Senior; pigging out; Electric Six; 1234; fingers; Long Legs Bonelli; beefcake lunchboxes; lookin’ cool
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