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West Mall occupation sparks Israeli, Palestinian student violence
by JJ Hermes, Staff Writer and Janice Chan, Administrative Assistant

CAMPUS — Amidst weeks of tense relations, both the Israeli and Palestinian student groups continue to jockey for control of table space in the West Mall. Despite a road map for resolution backed by the Student Government, the Coalition of Israeli Students of Texas announced plans to set up more tables, which may soon encroach on space reserved for the Students for the Acquisition of a Palestinian State.

“As long as the student government continues to blatantly side with the CIST, the Palestinian student groups will never have a section of table space to truly call their own,” said Muhammed Abar-Stevens, president of the SAP.

The move comes just weeks after the Palestinian group was accused of sabotaging a row of tables on the West Mall with a slew of stink-bomb violence, which contaminated four tables and frightened dozens of nearby resident pigeons. In response to the attacks, members of the Young Republicans of Texas rushed backup tables, Wendy’s chicken nuggets, and an emergency supply of Magic Markers to the CIST, which plans to retaliate by deploying ROTC members to monitor SAP zones.

“Should YRT and CIST continue to impinge upon our rights, we will be left with no choice but to strike back,” Abar-Stevens declared. “Oh wait, we’re already doing that. See what a desperate corner they’ve backed us into?”

Tired of having to remake all their posters and fliers after every attack, the CIST has voted to erect a barrier of orange traffic cones between theirs and the SAP’s delegated sections. These actions have only served to fuel hostility: SAP claims the cones invade their space, while the CIST declares it will not take down the blockade until the stink-bomb attacks stop.

The road map to resolution, backed by both Student Government and the Model UN, aims to resolve the conflict by the year 2776. However, as demonstrated by recent events, the enmity between these groups is deep-seated, and a cease-fire in this millennium may be unlikely.
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