October 2003 (v6 i2)
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October 2003 (v6 i2)

Todd Nienkerk

Managing Editor
Jake Wilburn

Design Director
Lance Marshall

Associate Editors
Elizabeth Barksdale
Ryan Martinez

Staff Writers
Camden Gilman
JJ Hermes
Todd Mein
John Roper
Joel Siegel

Contributing Writers
Mustachio Orlando
Ian Skoviss

Design Staff
Gray Garmon
Justin Olsen

Kristin Hillery

Stan Babbitt

Chloe Lampman

Jeff Forman

Web Staff
Dylan Sanders

Faculty Advisor
John Ruszkiewicz

Administrative Assistants
Leala Ansari
Stephanie Bates
Janice Chan
Kathryn Edwards
Erica Grundish
Jill Morris
Janna Thornberry
Christie Young

Justin Olsen

Gray Garmon
and the staff

Back Page
Todd Nienkerk

Janice Chan
J.J. Hermes
Todd Nienkerk
Justin Olsen
too many to count

Lindsey Beard
Rachel Blackwell
Ali Mendiolla
Jesse Renna
Jennifer Sparks

Velvet Elvis
cries a single tear

David Finfrock

Crappy Cookies
Todd Nienkerk

Shout Outz
Miguel Segura and his Bad Axe; Sandals; Kindness, not to mention Goodness; Courtney Love’s pooter predicament; Jaker’s reference to himself in the 3rd person and with a cute nickname; Bra adjustments; O’bitchuries; The Wiggles’ ode to dirty dirt; our hot-as-all-fuck AA’s and their special goody bag of sweet, neat-to-eat dessert treats, Christie’s rhyming dictionary; Jildo’s bottle of Diet Coke; our friends on the bulletin board; Slayer the Kitty, Horatio Rastapopolous; white russians; David Cross for pretending to care; the all-mighty MEC; morning after pills; Pepto Bismol; Office of One-Sided Compromises; Dudley & Bob; Josh Jaedicke; file cabinets; AA serfdom; capitalists; Austin Chronicle; Jeff’s chest hair; LexisNexis: the milk-giver; the results of “queer” on Google image search; thighs as pale as a November morn; delusions of grandeur; psychosomatic addict insane!; poppin’ squats like a latter-day Buster Keaton; anthracite coal; moo-yah!; you’re not really reading this, are you?; Finnell, Slayer of the Libel Goblin; the wittle-bitty bicycle; Mountain Dew; toys; StudyBreaks; I Eta Pi; the coffee cup design.
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