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Which UT building are you?

Use our "fun" quiz to decide what UT building best represents your wonderful and dynamic personality!

1. Which of the following would best describe you?

a. Sometimes I smell a little weird, but most everybody likes me anyway! People like to chill out with me, and I always have plenty of food around. b. I love to be the center of attention and adore being in the spotlight! I cut a striking figure and am easy to recognize. People sometimes look to me for guidance when they feel lost or confused.

c. On the outside, I知 quiet, intellectual, and big-boned. But on the inside, a part of me is always on fire! I知 a pharmaceutical nightmare, full of more chemicals and weird shit than Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown put together.

d. Outwardly, I知 always bustling around, but I like to maintain a large, peaceful center. During the past year or so, I致e been going through some changes, however, and have been blocking people out a lot more than I used to.

e. I知 helpful to a fault! I like to help hook people up with morning after pills, free pizza, 12-step programs, and more free pizza. I知 a nice guy. I just want people to like me! If I give you free stuff, will you like me? Please?

f. I just love to waste your time. Inwardly, you think I'm an obnoxious irritating little shit, but you can't help wanting to spend a bit of time with me when you don't have anything better to do!

2. What痴 your favorite pick-up line?

a. Hey there. Do you like dinner and dancing? We can go to the Field of Greens and toss salad! Or maybe you would like to lick my ballroom?

b. I知 so huge sometimes I can稚 even believe it myself. If you ring my bell, you値l know just where to go and when to come.

c. Ever done it in a huge-ass lecture hall using Bunsen burners in new and mysterious ways? Let痴 experiment. If you池e brave enough to turn my nozzles, I値l try not to burn you.

d. Hey, I got plenty of grass back at my place. Come sprawl atop me, baby. Roll around with me and I値l try not to stain your pants.

e. Hey there! Um climb my escalator of desire? We can make a quick stop for free condoms and make sweet, sweet love on a bed of positive body image pamphlets!

f. Ooh, push my buttons baby! You know want to! I'll drive you crazy with anticipation, but probably disappoint you in the end.

3. If you could have any wish, what would it be?

a. Dude, I壇 upgrade to Taco C and stay up even later.

b. I壇 like a tan that doesn稚 look all orange and fakey.

c. People would stop setting me on fire.

d. I壇 stop having to be fenced in by the man that痴 trying to change who I am!

e. I wouldn稚 live out here in the middle of nowhere.

f. Everyone in the world would mention me on their blog!

4. Where would you take someone on a first date?

a. Any date would be fun容xcept bowling ! I壇 never take anyone bowling! Especially that retarded disco bowling! What痴 with the stupid disco ball? That痴 like putting a candle on a shit loaf, it doesn稚 make bowling any cooler. Goddamn bowling! I hate it even more than Taco Bell!

b. A perfect date would be going to a UT football game because of course my date would know that I知 the one fan whose support truly inspires the team. Then we壇 go back to my high rise and enjoy the amazing view.

c. We壇 get some dinner out of a vending machine and then go to that anime marathon I let all my friends in the anime club have every Friday night in my basement. Then we could probably cook up some acid. I mean, I have all the stuff for it.

d. We壇 play bongos and then just lie outside and gaze at the stars and talk about some deep philosophical shit.

e. I think a good first date would be going to a free seminar on how to make your relationship work!

f. We壇 just surf the net.

The "fun" isn't over yet...
It's time for some super-fun answers! Ooooh, the suspense!

Mostly A痴:
You池e the Union. You池e fun to hang out with and you池e excellent at tossing salads and salsa dancing. People sometimes talk shit about you because you drive a 93 Plymouth Voyager and you have a giant fuzzy birthmark on our inner thigh.
Mostly B痴:
You池e the Tower. Everyone looks up to you for guidance and you always show school spirit when we win. Sometimes you get shat on by bats.
Mostly C痴:
You池e Welch. Your name rhymes with "belch," and that痴 really funny. You also catch on fire a lot, and that痴 even funnier. You値l never turn down a chance to experiment, and you know the Periodic Table of Elements by heart. You will suffer a painful death on your 34th birthday.
Mostly D痴:
You池e the Six Pack. You value close friends and chillin out. Your ongoing attempts at self-improvement will come to fruit when you finally bathe. You have a lot of stairs.
Mostly E痴:
You池e the Student Services Building, or the SSB. Your constant spattering of medical knowledge and warnings about contracting a venereal disease are making your friends want to push you down an escalator. But don稚 worry葉hey値l still visit you for free pizza and pap smears.
Mostly F痴:
You aren稚 a building at all, silly! You池e something even more special and neat. Congratulations, you have the personality of a Self-Indulgent Web Quiz! People come to you to find out the parallels their personalities have with inane things like types of sausage and Wizard of Oz characters. In return, you give them contradictory answers full of back-handed compliments and blatant ass-kissing in order to satisfy their egos.

Don稚 forget to put your results in your LiveJournal!
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