September 2003 (v6 i1)
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september hottie
He'll 'upsize' your heart!

Oh, Junior, we remember when you were just a doe-eyed fawn in the bustling world of collegiate fast food franchises! Oh, how those majestic hands doth blur as you enter my order with up to ninety-one percent accuracy! Take thee a lunch break so we might lie in a garden of freeze-packed lettuce and pre-sliced tomatoes! Push these buttons and show me what tapestry of love those busy hands may weave!
vital info
Hobbies: Jenga, Perfection
Turn-ons: fast talkers, fast women, overnight delivery, exact change
Turn-offs: molasses uphill in January, dialup internet, McDonald’s, people who stand in the middle of escalators and don’t move
Motto: "MMMHMMMM! Next! Mustard and lettuce, OK!"
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