April/May 2003 (v5 i6)
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Everyone makes 'best' mix CDs
by Jake Wilburn, Associate Editor

AUSTIN, TX — Recent anecdotal evidence has revealed that every person in the college CD burning community is incomparable in skill when it comes to amalgamating and arranging prudently selected songs onto a 74- to 80-minute compact disc. Though this phenomenon perplexes some, it has nevertheless yielded monumental mix CDs lauded by their creators as "the absolute coolest" and "the best ever."

"It's a confusing but awe-inspiring discovery," provides Kyle Baumgarte, Director of Unnecessary Research at Austin Community College. "It seems to be closely connected to the equally suspect theory that holds that everyone has the best taste in everything."

Craftsmen of the infinitely "bad ass" compilations have fully embraced their talent and access to CD copiers. Paul Ford, biology senior and sovereign genius behind such body-moving masterpieces as "Jam Like Paul," "Jimmity Jams" and current project "Jimmity Jams Junior," has become well aware of his gift and is intent on sharing it with those around him.

"A lot of people don't know this, but 'Jimmity Jams' was originally created for my friend Paige as a birthday present—I was broke as hell. But as I was putting it together, I realized that I had something…something special. Now whenever I ride with someone or hang out at their place, I always bring one of my CDs and pop it into the player so that they have a chance to appreciate my brilliance."

Many mix artists possess astounding versatility in their productions, creating the highest quality soundtracks to accompany specific situations, as junior Brian Fletcher exhibits.

"I've got the 'Walking to Campus Mix,' the 'Tagging My Girlfriend Mix' (which is mostly just R Kelly and a few Limp Bizkit songs that really pump me up), and I actually just finished the 'Chicken Pox Mix.' It's for if I ever get the chicken pox. I've still never had them, but if I get them, I'll be jammin'."
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