April/May 2003 (v5 i6)
Worried about your future since 1997
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April/May 2003 (v5 i6)

Trevor Rosen

Managing Editor
Todd Nienkerk

Design Director
Aaron Stanush

Associate Editor
Jake Wilburn

Staff Writers
Elizabeth Barksdale
Kristin Hillery
Eric Jenkins
Ryan Martinez
Todd Mein
Chris Rose

Contributing Writers
Rob Curran
Grover Manheim

Chloe Lampman

Laura Herrera

Kathleen Galvan

Copy Editor
Rebecca Green

Administrative Assistants
Lance Marshall

Lani Ogle

Mike DeGroot

Web Staff
Jeff Forman
Dylan Sanders

Faculty Advisor
John Ruszkiewicz

Social Darwinism
Pres. G. W. Bush

Deltron 3030
Dan the Automator

Chair Moving
Brak's Mom

Todd Nienkerk
Aaron Stanush

Todd Nienkerk

Back Page
Todd Nienkerk
Aaron Stanush
Andrew Schmidt
Chloe Lampman

Center Spread
Todd Nienkerk
Elizabeth Barksdale

Rene the badass poster dude

Shout Outz
Tiffany's Treats, Speedway Market, Glaxo-Welcome, 2% Milk, TSP, Richard Finnell, The Salt Lick, Wilco, the Rolling Stones, Michael Moore, Student Government (for all the things you are), the Division of Rhetoric and Composition, Center for Advanced Studies in the Arts, the last time, "19th Nervous Breakdown," the phantom smoke, Andrew Schmidt, Performing Arts Center, drop caps, shocker, cliffs, typing with sunburned shoulders, Whole Foods, the chocolate mint cookie Balance Bar,canned food, shoes and socks, boats and moats and coats, Larry Faulkner, Rosie's homemade salsa,Azulito, the blue iMacs (I'm gonna miss you dumpy little fucks), nosebleeds, velvet, winners, Pete the Dog, Ali G, Richie Aprile, George W. Bush and the White House Getalong Gang, that white guy rapper at Texas Revue, Charlie Haden, parking in the yard at Bass, Ben Harper, Bruno Longarini, feet (they get you places),Harpers, randomness, Dyson spheres, Sky City, the Discovery Channel, Mexican indica.
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