April/May 2003 (v5 i6)
Worried about your future since 1997
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april/may hottie
Trevor & Aaron
outgoing Travesty staff members

My oh my, these steaming staffers are making my teapot boil over! Goodness, Aaron, wherever did you find such an alluring and simply bestial skin? And Trevor, with your beehive towering so mightily, I wonder when I shall see again so proud a coiffure! Alas, alack, these men are not to be seen again, for they shall join the ranks of the free and (supposedly) self-sufficient!
vital info
Hobbies: reading, watching movies, watching the steam rise from the gory chests of the vanquished
Turn-ons: James Joyce, tribute films, and ska/punk
Turn-offs: pillow talk, sweetmeats
Motto: "Rollerblading, anyone?"
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