April/May 2003 (v5 i6)
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Bored UT Cycling Club converts to unmanned crashing
by Jake Wilburn, Associate Editor

CAMPUS — Weary of monotonous pedaling, the UT Cycling Club recently decided to switch their focus from long distance riding to running alongside their cycles to gain forward momentum before letting them loose to coast and careen into stationary objects. The club has found this activity to be much more worthwhile because of the minimal muscular effort involved and the fact that it is "fucking hilarious."

"Actually riding the bikes was fine for a while—we were pretty successful in races and it was a good way to stay in shape," explains club captain Damon Hewitt. "But neither of those things are half as rewarding as seeing a bike fly down a hill like some kind of crazy ghost bike and slam into a wall or a kiosk or something… God, I'm laughing just thinking about it."

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