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march Campus Spotlight

Kylie Crabb
UT's busiest student

Texas Travesty: Thanks for giving us a few minutes of your time.

UTís Busiest Student: I said one minute, so now youíve got 56 seconds.

TT: What kind of stuff are you busy doing?

UTBS: My boyfriendís Cowboys formal was on Monday, so last week I had to find a dress and make sure I had an appointment to get my hair and nails done. Tuesday I had a psych test, so >I had to try to squeeze some studying in late Monday night. Of course Tuesday night is $1 beers at Cain and Abelís. Oh, and six of my friends have turned 21 this month.

TT: How do you stay organized with all of that going on?

UTBS: I only drink soy milk and eat whole-wheat bread, which keeps keeps my memory sharp. Every morning I do 25 bicycle kicks to get my blood moving, I have an electronic calendar to remind me of important dates, and I try to only get black-out drunk two, maybe three times a week.

TT: Do you find that your hectic schedule alienates you from other people?

UTBS: Totally. How do you relate to someone who has three tests in a week, has to make her boyfriend a birthday present, and is vice president of the Business Club? Itís put a huge strain on my friendships.

TT: How do you deal with the stress of being so busy?

UTBS: I take a nap every afternoon and watch Gilmore Girls. I have to TiVo it, though.
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