November 2005 (v8 i3)
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november hottie

Dick Sansattire
The Westmall Streaker

Doth mine eyes deceive me? For I see a bare, beautiful Olympian sprinting down the West Mall. No! 'Tis true, 'tis you, my titillating hero who shuns the livery that wouldst restrain his daring acrobatics! Fly, my risqué master of animal magnetism, and enjoy the leering eyes of a jealous crowd, for I know thou truly flyst for me alone.

vital stats

turn-ons: pink body-paint, art exhibitions, grab-ass, the gentle caress of a summer breeze, freedom
turn-offs: cold weather, fast cops, branches that come out of nowhere, chafing, anything binding, clothes
motto: "The flopping hurt more than I thought it would."
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