November 2004 (v7 i3)
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A Travesty Retrospective
Some of our favorite moments from this semester.
"When Sisqo re-released his greatest hits and I made out to the ENTIRE album with my best friend's older brother. It RULED! Can I get pregnant from Frenching?"
"My finance professor told me that he takes photographs of flowers as a hobby. Now that I don't respect him as a man, I couldn't care less that I'm failing his class."
"That episode of "Family Matters" with the racial tension / race riot where Steve builds a robot and gets turned down by Laura. TBS owns my soul."
"After the July Package rejuvenated the Doha Development Agenda, I was absolutely crushed when the WTO committee on subsidies extended the transition period for the elimination of export subsidy for a whole year."
"A friend of mine threw up in my apartment complex's pool. Half an hour later, I watched two neighbors jump right in and I didn't say a word. Suckas!"
"Da mos' magicky time in da jaer is in da now, when I works in da Walgreens and gets a discount on animaltronic santas dat sing anda shake and sells sexy ornaments to thick but good-smelling ladies. Hallelogey!"
"When Phillip Geiggar, the hottest football player at UT, took a Travesty from me. Oh wait, this isn't my diary. Shoot."
"One night I was so incredibly bored that I shaved my beard. I immediately regretted my choice and the tears running down my cheeks, unhindered by fuzziness, only reinforced my sorrow. I spent the rest of the night trying to grow it back."
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