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Senior boasts about being unprepared for test
Lack of studying inspires, frustrates fellow students
by Camden Gilman, Contributing Writer

CAMPUS — University of Texas senior Paul Blakely surprised his Spanish class Friday when he announced that he had not studied at all for the exam they were about to take. Blakely's apathy frustrated the other students in class, especially those who had studied very intensely for the exam.

"Paul always comes into class looking like he doesn't have a care in the world," said Edward Morris, a senior in Blakely's class. "I stayed up until 2 a.m. last night cramming for this test, and it seems like he was out partying. I feel like I'm wasting my life studying so hard when he can get away with not studying at all."

Morris' sentiments are shared by many of the other students in Blakely's class, who feel cheated out of the time they spent studying.

"I hate it when he comes into class and talks about how drunk he got last night and how he hasn't been to class for the past two weeks," a student in Blakely's class said. "Whenever he asks me what I did last night, I feel like such a loser when I tell him I was studying, so next time I'm going to say I stayed up watching TV and didn't study at all myself."

Some students find Blakely's lack of interest in school inspiring. Students who merely glance over their notes on their way to class are usually encouraged by Blakely's comments.

"It always gives me a little extra confidence to go into a test knowing I've studied more than at least one other person," said Kyle Johnson, a slacker in Blakely's class. "Even though I've only been to class half the time and glanced over my notes on the bus ride here, I'm still better off than that guy. Right?"

Blakely, like many other seniors, has already garnered a full-time position with a company after graduation. This circumstance, combined with his ability to legally purchase alcohol, has instigated a change in his study habits.

"I used to stay up all night and study, and I would only tell people that I hadn't studied to really impress them when I would get a high grade," Blakely said. "Now, I'm finally living the dream. All I do is show up to class on a test day - assuming it hasn't changed from the syllabus ? and I get away with it."

Blakely also added that he highly disapproves of the tuition hikes, explaining that it "is an outrage to have to pay even more money not to go to class."

Editor's note: When preparing stir-fry, try using a mix of peanut and roasted seasame oils for added flavor. As always, use freshly grated ginger for extra zest.

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