September 2004 (v7 i1)
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September 2004 (v7 i1)

Todd Nienkerk

Managing Editor
Kristin Hillery

Design Director
JJ Hermes

Associate Editors
Elizabeth Barksdale
Ryan B. Martinez

Staff Writers
Kathryn Edwards
Bradley Jackson
Chanice Jan
Todd Mein
John Roper
Joel Siegel
Christie Young

Design Staff
David Strauss
Christina Vara

Emily Coalson

Stan Babbitt

Stephanie Bates

Mike Kantor

Administrative Assistants
Leala Ansari
Doug Cooper
Jef Greilich
Sara Kanewske
Lindsay Meeks
Jill Morris
Garrett Rowe
Toby Salinger
Ari Schulman
Laura Schulman
Eric Seufert
Stephen Short

Faculty Advisor
John Ruszkiewicz

JJ Hermes
Chanice Jan
Todd Nienkerk
David Strauss

Cover Design
Mike Kantor
Todd Nienkerk

Austin Scholar
JJ Hermes

Misfit Zoo
Kristin Hillery
Todd Mein
Todd Nienkerk
Joel Siegel
David Strauss

Marching Band Layout
Mike Kantor
Todd Nienkerk

Contributing Writer
Camden Gilman

Paul Jordan
Tina Little

Cover Models
Mike Farah
Sukanya Misra

"Giggles" Models
Casey Backer
Adam Buck
Kenny Hughes
Chris Modi
Rene Pinnell
Brad Wallentine
Richard Ybarra

Marching Band Models
Anastasia Fawsett
Matt Gibson
Joseph Gonzalez
Emily Podhajsky
Tom Siders

Shout Outz
Übermensch; Oreos (no milk); brooms that look like dildos; David Byrne's happy ending in our office; references that no one gets; new computers and hacked Internet; the brand that isn't a brand; suitcases that fit bodies; Jill's contortionist talents (and eating vomit); diabetes and the Democrats who spread it; restraining orders; Eric the Muscle, our new bodyguard; Building 10; Lo Mein's voice; the New Kid; not voting because you're Canadian; leotards; poultry mesh; no more shit on the staircase; art parties; The Green Monster; haunted houses that are three feet tall; stained glass and Jesus; parades through apartment complexes; frumpy clothes; being a dick; orgasm ghosts; getting off the high horse; Mangiasaurus Rex; Dan Rather jokes; making-noises-in-response-to-certain-words games; 5:45 a.m.; 5:46 a.m.; Yusef Islam; repairing the minibike; condom balloons; chewing milk; Pac Man and Robin; "winningest"; back sweat; Spiderman party hats; life after death; getting fed donuts in a cage; the reincarnation of Mr. Rogers; slow children; the noticeable and depressing lack of Nintendos; whoop, luh luh luh; roommates who refuse to go away; charisma; sweat bands; wheat grass shots; organic sugar in your organic coffee; jaded, bitter nights; dandruff; reading on the toilet; pocket PCs; sloths that give birth upside-down; hypochondriacs on speed-dial
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