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I can't believe it; I'm finally in college!
by Stephanie Wells, College Freshman

I can't believe I'm finally in college! I mean, I thought high school parties were cool when everyone sat around on the couch and drank Smirnoff — who knew that would in no possible way compare to a frat party? Now we can go to a house where we can spill on the floor because we don't have to worry about parents coming home and there's enough alcohol for just about everyone in the top 10 percent of my high school!

Last Thursday, we went to this party in West Campus — going out on a weeknight is so college! — and I chatted it up with these older guys. I totally think I impressed them when I said I was a National Merit Scholar back in high school and that I got a 5 on all of the AP tests I took. I can really relate to people now that I'm in college, and age is just a number! Especially with older guys! I don't even think they even realized I was a freshman until I told them — even though I'm actually a sophomore by hours.

But the best part was the other night in Jester when we had movie night. Just imagine, everyone on my co-ed floor sitting around watching "Shrek" together, laughing and talking like we really were one big family, and it's barely a month into school! After that, my friends and I came back to our room and ordered a pizza at one in the morning. Staying up late and eating junk food with friends! Isn't that just so college? Better watch out for the freshman 15!

The other day, I had a total "college" experience. They were selling posters in the lobby of Jester, and after buying three posters — one Animal House, one Bob Marley and one Ashlee Simpson — I asked the guys working there if I could sell some posters in between classes. Picking up cash where I can — isn't that just so college?

Also, in class the other day, my professor dropped the F-bomb in his lecture. How college is that? That would have never happened in high school. I think I was more surprised when he said that than I was when I found out I made a 1570 on the SAT!

This weekend, my roommate and I plan to go sit in the quad and study for our tests next week. Studying in the quad! Isn't that just so college?

Oh man, I can't believe how cool being in college is. This totally beats StuCo lock-ins and hanging out at the Wal-Mart. Who needs Smirnoff when you can drink Keystone Light? Cheap beer — that is so college!
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