September 2004 (v7 i1)
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may hottie

Gifter Of Bibles

Who is this hot Magdalenian mama beckoning me to her Fertile Crescent? Your lips, swollen with Passion, coax me into the sizzling sinlessness of scripture. Did you spill some Holy Water on your lap, or are you just anticipating the Rapture? Press me against your virginal bosom so I can be born again, and again — and again!

vital info

Hobbies: Accepting missionary positions, being an open book, shopping at the Dress Barn, "Bible"-beating, being on her knees
Turn-ons: submission, "Dogma," destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, Abel
Turn-offs: Getting off the high horse, abridging, "The DaVinci Code", polytheism, birth control, Cain, lap dances, Darwin, the Pope-mobile
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