February 2004 (v6 i4)
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Woman hottest, only female in comic book store
Reaction from male customers "kind of disappointing"
by Elizabeth Barksdale, Associate Editor

DAYTON, OH — Sherri McMillan had a startling realization last week in Superhero Stop, a local comic book store. Following a few minutes of browsing, McMillan realized that she was the only, and consequently the hottest, female in the shop.

"I never go to comic book stores, but I was at the mall with my best guy friend, Josh, and he made me go in there with him. Josh is great, but he kind of geeks out sometimes." "I was bored, so I picked up something with cool cartoonish-looking animals on the cover."

After a few minutes of flipping through the comic, however, McMillan had a revelation. "I thought, hey, I'm the only woman in here, so that means I'm the hottest woman in here!" After discreetly checking out a few customers with shoulder length hair to make sure that they were, in fact, male, her suspicions were confirmed.

McMillan basked in the strange ego trip for a few moments and then considered the fact that she would probably not have a comparable experience at any bar or club.

"I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm not bad looking, but I'm usually not the most attractive woman in a whole store. So I decided to, you know, see if I could work the territory." Walking around the shop, McMillan passed up talking to several patrons because of acne, Star trek pins, hoodies that hid their entire faces, or some combination of these features.

Finally spotting another customer who she deemed "kind of cute" McMillan stood next to him, peered over his shoulder, and said "Whatcha reading?"

The other customer, Evan Hassoway, was taken by surprise. Totally unprepared for such a bizarre, unprecedented incident, Hassoway gulped, set his comic book back on the shelf, and quickly left the store.

"I was in the middle of the latest X-Men and then this, like, girl suddenly talked to me. It was like Bizarro World in Superman or something."

Somewhat discouraged, McMillan tried to strike up a conversation with Dave Jameson, who was browsing through role-playing game merchandise.

"I asked him what he needed these little figurines were for, and he went into this long, mumbled explanation about dragons or something and wouldn't make eye-contact with me," said McMillan.

"And then this really freaky-looking chick with spiky hair wandered over, and [Jameson] just trailed off and stared at her. And she wasn't cute at all."

Kyra Smith, the other female customer, approached McMillan and Jameson. "Hey, do either of you guys work here? I'm DM-ing this weekend and I need this book—"

"I'll find it!" Jameson said quickly.

He and Smith then went into a long conversation while McMillan eyed the other woman's torn, baggy Spiderman t-shirt with distaste.

Josh Hampstead, McMillan's friend, had by this time made his purchases. "I went to go find Sherri to tell her I was ready to go, and she was standing by this incredibly, unbelievably hot girl," said Hampstead.

"The hot girl invited us to a D&D game at her place. That's my kind of woman! I mean, Sherri's a good friend, but I could never date her. She always acts so damn bored when we go to comic book stores and video arcades."

"I couldn't believe it when Josh came up and started acting like this girl was so great too," reported McMillan, pouting. "I mean, I try not to be bitchy about other girls, but what the hell. She barely looked human, much less female."

Despite her irritation, McMillan agreed to attend Smith's roleplaying tournament after being assured that "there'd be plenty of guys there."
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