February 2004 (v6 i4)
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Top 10 Rejected True Life Episodes

With episodes such as I知 a Paraplegic BMXer and I Only Get Like Two Channels on This Thing, MTV痴 hit reality series True Life has addressed problems facing every young American. Here are the top ten stories that, for whatever reason, were rejected by MTV producers.

  1. My Clone Refuses to Shower with Me

  2. Trading Shoes!!!

  3. Someone Needs to Answer the Phone

  4. Let the Machine Get It

  5. I Was Born Without a Skull

  6. I知 a Class 4 Humanoid

  7. I Joined a Sorority for the Blow Jobs

  8. My Dad Is Someone痴 Bitch in Jail

  9. Tonight Is Puzzle Night

  10. I Was Arrested for Killing You

  11. I Can't Control My Erection and/or Bowel Movements

  12. Make Me Breakfast Before I Put a Bullet in You

  13. I知 a Bloated Corpse

  14. People Whose Conversations Consist Completely of Rehashing Scenes from
  Movies and TV Shows

  15. I知 in a Documentary

  16. Grandma's Got a Secret

  17. I Use an Ergonomic Keyboard

  18. I Want a Short, Delusional Road to Fame

  19. I知 a 10th Grade Honors English Student
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