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Bush’s moon plan is a step in the right direction
by Barbara Pickles, Real Estate Agent

As a certified realtor, I am always concerned with the three principle tenants of real estate: leadership, tenacity, and foresight. But never before have I seen these rules so exemplified by someone not in the business until President Bush announced plans to resend a man to the moon and establish a moon base by 2020.

In a year of bottomed-out interest rates and a buyer’s market, I could not have imagined that the real estate climate could get much better. Bush’s announcement proved me wrong, and I immediately grew excited about the potential future of extraterrestrial real estate.

It’s hard to really contemplate the accrued value of land on the moon over the past two decades since companies on earth have started selling acreage. Already, 1.12 million have invested in over 300 million moon acres, and you could be next to capitalize on this out-of-this-world investment, securing your family’s financial future for generations to come.

Imagine waking up to an earth-set outside the Sea of Tranquility, or cruising to work in your lunar rover! Consider the marketable decadence of a Hilton on the moon. And think of how much more enjoyable outer space health spas would be! Who needs a diet when the lower force of gravity makes a 150- pound woman on earth weigh 25 pounds on the moon?!

Although the first few moon communities will undoubtedly cater to the country club lifestyle, golf courses will soon become a thing of the past: an average drive on earth will result in a two -mile long ball on the moon!

Private development on the moon is still decades away, but I am quite sure that our children’s children will remember this generation’s lofty lunar ambitions.
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