February 2004 (v6 i4)
Squat thrusting since 1997
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november hottie

Jenny O'Penny
Cat Lady

Beep-beep! Slap-slap! So goes the harmony between the treadmill heart monitor and your sonorous thighs. I watch them glisten in the midday light, their rhythmic undulations drowning out the pleading purrs of your collared pussy. Like a sweat-banded Helen, armies of my desire you do launch as I behold with a fool’s hope your arching, dripping, over-heated haunch!

vital info
Hobbies: growing catnip, distracted driving, trespassing, cuddling
Turn-ons: tongue baths, laser pointers, behavioral therapy, vitamins, criticizing friends, small objects hanging from string
Turn-offs: allergies, ingrown toenails, hairballs, sanitation, soy milk, secondary colors, Turner Classic Movies
Favorite cat words: catheter, cathod-ray, cataclysm, catarrh, cat prostate
Motto: "Kitty-kitty bang-bang!"
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