February 2004 (v6 i4)
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Freshman dumps girlfriend on away message
by Kathryn Edwards, Staff Writer

CAMPUS — The two month relationship between UT freshman Kyle Menafe and high school junior Tammy Hayden ended today when Menafe, before leaving to go to his Introduction to Psychology class, put up an away message that read, “look, tammy, it’s over.” Hayden, who attends Jefferson High School, did not read the message until a few hours later when she returned home from school.

According to Sarah Holburn, a mutual friend of both, the two started dating when Menafe returned home for Christmas Break.

“She had a crush on him when he was still a senior here,” said Holburn. “She was really glad that they hooked up after he got back, but everyone knew it wasn’t going to last.” Menafe, a Liberal Arts undeclared freshman, explains that the relationship outlived its purpose.

“It was fun and all, hanging out at Denny’s and making out in the car afterwards, but I’m back in college now — I don’t have time for high school chicks.”

When asked about why he chose Instant Messenger as a means to break up with Hayden, Menafe responded, “I just wanted to tell her fast and easy, but I wanted to let all my friends know at the same time, too. And if the reasons in my buddy profile weren’t enough, I have a link to my Xanga site where I posted an extensive ‘Why I Dumped Tammy’ list.”

Holburn also reports that Hayden was “devastated” by the news. After reading the away message, Hayden tried repeatedly to IM Menafe. When he failed to respond, she put up an away message that had only a crying face emoticon and updated her profile to read: “Kyle, respond to my IM’s. We can make this work. I’m your Tammy Bambi.”

It was only after Menafe blocked her that Hayden got offline. Locked in her room, listening to “Tears in Heaven” on repeat and scratching “Mrs. Kyle Menafe” off her Language Arts book cover, Hayden was unavailable for comment.
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