March 2003 (v5 i5)
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NBC Thursday night sitcoms (adj): 'cute' sass at its most irritating (e.g., models who refer to themselves as "feminists")

go clubbing (v): to dress up, wait around for somebody else, show up at a dirty bar playing bad music, pay too much for crappy drinks, try in vain to hook up with that hot guy/girl, wind up drunk in the corner, crying, bitching about men/women to a bartender just looking for a good tip, and go home alone; a charade

Palm Pilot (v): to insist that one is more important than others would believe (e.g., "I wish that Hollywood would stop Palm Piloting Ben Affleck all the time. Haven't they seen Armageddon?")

protest (v): to be ignored by those put in place to serve you

French Stewart (n): something that is totally and utterly unacceptable in such a thorough way that leaves absolutely no room for forgiveness or redemption (e.g., "Man, Japanese internment was such a French Stewart.")

Michael Jackson (adj): to appear completely batshit looney at everything one does no matter how hard they try to come off as playfully innocent

Q drop (v): to admit defeat (e.g., "Saddam might as well Q-drop or else he's gonna face academic penalty!")

donkey punch (v): 1. to punch a donkey; 2. to respect a woman's boundaries (e.g., "I will donkey punch that girl in my physics class tonight when I choose not to get her drunk at a strip club.")

snow day (n): a mixed blessing
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