March 2003 (v5 i5)
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March 2003 (v5 i5)

Trevor Rosen

Managing Editor
Todd Nienkerk

Design Director
Aaron Stanush

Associate Editor
Jake Wilburn

Staff Writers
Elizabeth Barksdale
Kristin Hillery
Eric Jenkins
Ryan Martinez
Todd Mein
Chris Rose

Contributing Writers
Rob Curran
Grover Manheim
George Morris

Chloe Lampman

Laura Herrera

Kathleen Galvan

Copy Editor
Rebecca Green

Administrative Assistants
Lance Marshall
Lani Ogle

Mike DeGroot

Web Staff
Dylan Sanders

Faculty Advisor
John Ruszkiewicz

Geology Expert
Dr. McRocksalot

Ford Aspire
Old Meathands

Favorite Superhero
Master Shake

Todd Nienkerk

Back Page
Todd Nienkerk
Kristin Hillery
Chloe Lampman

Center Spread
Todd Nienkerk
Kristin Hillery
Todd Mein
Aaron Stanush
Chloe Lampman
...and many more

Christine Hsu
Lane Ingram
Josh McBoyfriend
Patrick Nguyen
Sarah Rees
Alix Rezman
Xochitl Rodriguez
Jennifer Smith

Shout Outz
UT's Skate Gang (the "real" SG), Red Hot Chili Peppers, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, The Brak Show, Six Feet Under, Todd's brother John, Shalise, panty raids, bats flying all over the office, scaring the shit out of us, aluminum cans-turned-pipes found in our stairwell, Wild Cherry Pepsi, Chango's, Zip drives (again), Richard, pre-emptive shout out to Excedrin, strep throat, Magnolia's Cafe, microbikes, Student Government (thanks for the material), dropped CD player, physical humor, cell phones, Swedish blankets, drunk people walking into my apartment, NES, salvia (wait, no, not at all), bad haircuts (twice in a week), HBO, fat-free salad dressing, shoehorns, staplers that say "747" on the front, zippers that say "YKK," stolen silverware, going to gay porn stores looking for multi-colored condoms and having the guy make a dick joke in my direction, knocking over signs in West Campus, Todd's first 40oz, Luke, hickies, 40 minutes 'til deadline, Lauren McG., Chloe's digital camera, menstrual cycles, and TSP. Zoinks!
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