March 2003 (v5 i5)
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Kid's Korner!

Super Fun Fact!

Dinosaurs are still alive today, and they live in your closet! Mommy keeps dinosaur eggs in the house plants. Dig them up for archaeological fun. Don't forget a shovel!

Really Great Word Find!

Find these words: happy, shoe, family, dog
Kid's Korner Song!
Kid's Korner is really cool!
Alcohol and crack pipes rule!
Solving puzzles, having fun,
Burn a cat and shoot a gun!
Kid's Korner for me and you,
Let's all go and eat some glue!

Staying Healthy is Awesome!
Mommy and Daddy don't want fat kiddies, so remember to watch your weight! If you get too big, they will have to put you in a box full of alligators and snakes and bury you in the backyard until you lose the pounds! Here are some super-fun tips to tell if you're getting too fat:
  • If your mommy and daddy fight, they're fighting about how fat you are!
  • If dogs bark at you, it's because they're hungry for your fatty fat!
  • If your mom tells you to do your homework, she's probably just tired of looking at you and your big fatness!
  • If you can't do something perfectly the first time you try it, you're too fat!
  • If you like ice cream, you are definitely too fat!
  • If your parents are divorced, don't worry-it's not because you're too fat. It's because you're too ugly and they never wanted you to begin with!
  • If you like to stay up past your bedtime, it's probably because you're thinking about eating! Knock it off, silly!
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