March 2003 (v5 i5)
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Local iPod sick of playing Avril Lavigne
by Chris Rose, Staff Writer

"One more Avril song and I'll slit my

[illustration: Aaron Stanush]
CAMPUS — A local iPod declared on Sunday that it was "absolutely sick" of always having to play Avril Lavigne.

"Every time my owner puts on my headphones, it's that freaking 'Complicated' song," stated the iPod in exasperation to a sympathetic USB scanner. "And really, I don't even mind 'Complicated' too much, but 'Ska8er Boi' is absolutely horrible. I usually have to play that one like four times a day. I mean, what kind of artist rhymes 'skater boy' with 'see ya later boy?' It's absolutely ridiculous."

The iPod went on to say that it fears the Avril trend may be long lasting, especially because of multiple Grammy nominations for the punk princess.

"I thought it would have gone away by now, but every day it's just more and more and more," continued the iPod. "Now I'm not saying that my owner only listens to stuff like that. I mean, every once in a while she'll blast out some good old Red Hot Chili Peppers or that new Missy Elliott jam."

The owner of the iPod, who is currently shopping for a new punk tie at Hot Topic, could not be reached for comment, but is believed to be unaware of the iPod's distaste with her music selection.
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