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SWT student born at 4:20 mentions it frequently
by Jake Wilburn, Associate Editor

Anthony Johnson bores yet another friend with his
lackluster tale of a 4:20 pm birth

[photo: Aaron Stanush]
SAN MARCOS, TX — Part-time Southwest Texas student Anthony Johnson, who was born August 22 at 4:20 pm, makes frequent mention of his serendipitous birth. According to friends and acquaintances, Johnson expresses an enthusiastic pride in the fact that the time of his birth is the same that avid marijuana smokers have designated as the universal time to partake in the illegal activity.

"Shit, man," explains Johnson, "I just think its a pretty phat coincidence that I was born at 4:20 and I just happen to be the master of the doj'-too phat a coincidence to not let other people know about."

Johnson uses the incidental fact as an anecdotal ice breaker at parties, school, work, and in numerous other situations-a practice that causes a few of his close friends to express some irritation.

"Tony's cool but going places with him can be sort of embarrassing," said best friend Stan McRodriguez. "The whole time I'm just waiting for him to bring up that stupid 4:20 thing. He just doesn't realize that very few people give a [expletive deleted]."

Others who are often subjected to the story have suggested that it is likely that Johnson is not even aware of the true origin and meaning of 4:20 in its drug-related frame, allegations of which he has responded with frustration.

"Yeah, right. Anyone who smokes as much as I do knows the true meaning of 4:20. It comes from that movie or that song or whatever. The one where the guy's like 'la la, everyone get ripped at 4:20, la la la yeah' or some shit like that.... Shut up, man."

Johnson's explanation does not match up with that of his friends who believe that it is related to the date of the infamous Columbine shootings.

"Or maybe Hitler's birthday," explained McRodriguez. "Well, probably not that. Whatever, it doesn't really matter. That guy's just plain annoying.
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