September 2002 (v5 i1)
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How Do We Wash
an intimate look into the world of the Travesty staff

design director
“The Mop-n-Glo”
For Aaron, a regular shower just won’t cut it. He needs to put some good ol’ back into it with a mop and bucket. ‘Caution’ is right! This blonde little hottie is a hazard in any working environment! Woo!

staff writer
“Mountin’ the Fountain”
She’s a risk taker, undaunted by traditional tubs with their non-stick grips and clean water. Only Littlefield fountain can combine this many health risks into one bathing locale. Whether its from the idea of electrocutition, or contracting hepatitis, bathtime is pure ecstacy for Kristin.

publicity director
“The Cabin Boy”
An unorthadox technique using a rag on a stick, passed down through the generations from from his great, great grandfather Beardy McToot-n-Goose, the famed sea captain. Not to be confused with “swabbing the poop deck,” which is another story all together.

distribution director
“I’m Fucking Homeless”
We all thought Scott was getting back to nature when we saw him bathing in the creek. Wrong. He lives behind that tree back there, and makes his clothes from dead raccoons.
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