September 2002 (v5 i1)
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September 2002 (v5 i1)

Trevor Rosen

Managing Editor
Todd Nienkerk

Design Director
Aaron Stanush

Staff Writers
Kristin Hillery
Eric Jenkins
Will Reeves
Chris Rose
Ryan Wilson
Tyler Womack

Design Staff
Scott Dubois
Rebecca Green
Lydia Reynolds

Contributing Writers
Elizabeth Barksdale
Neysa King
Grover Manheim
Lance Operhall

Scott Dubois

Eric Jenkins

Kathleen Galvan
Dhwanit Shah

Faculty Advisor
John Ruszkiewicz

Dead Fish for a Hat
Cori McCoy

Dishpan Hands
Poo Nanny

Lydia Reynolds
Scott Dubois
Aaron Stanush

Back Page
Scott Dubois
Rebecca Green
Aaron Stanush

Center Spread
Todd Nienkerk
Rebecca Green

Dana Centola
Johnny Wu
James Yang
Charles Su

Fashion Guide
Todd Nienkerk
Aaron Stanush

Shout Outz
Mountain Dew, Baron von Krankenstein, Scotch tape dispensers, Mr. T, Old Man Winter, chewed pen caps, melted scanners, power strips, Chex Mix, window cleaner, white paint, football pads, lava lamps, shoehorns, Beardy McToot-n-Goose, the mountains in Nepal, shoehorns again, AC/DC, Dance Dance Revolution, stream of consciousness, transcendentalism, shoehorns, Dana Plato, Capín Tinklebottom, and Airwolf.
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