November 2006

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Letters to the Editor
Send all correspondence to The Travesty reserves the right to publish any and all material contained in such letters unless otherwise requested by the author.

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Contributing material
You do not have to be on staff to get published. However, we can only accept submissions from the students, faculty and staff of the University of Texas at Austin. Email submissions to The Travesty reserves the right to edit submissions for content, style and length. You will be notified if your submission is chosen for publication, so include your full name and email address with your submission.

Joining the staff
Please visit the Join the Staff page for more info.

Mailing address
Texas Travesty
University of Texas at Austin
P.O. Box D
Austin, TX 78713-8904

Phone: 512-471-7898
Location: Hogg Auditorium (HMA 1)

Things we've found dumped in front of our office door
(this is a real list)
  • Several flyers for various nudie bars and sex shows
  • Disoriented student in the middle of the night caught with pants down (literally), defecating on our steps (November 2000)
  • Pink condoms filled with shaving cream (March 2003)
  • Coke can ingeniously fashioned into a pipe (February 2003)
  • A small paper bag filled with dog or human feces (July 2003)

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