November 2006

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Why advertise in the Travesty?
We're funny, meaning that we are extremely popular. We don't just have readers; we have fans. 30,000 Travesty groupies, if you will. They will read it cover to cover, devour every word, and bring home extra copies for their friends. They will definitely see your ad, and then become your groupie as well by spending their money with you.

Our publication is relatively new, but it is still the largest college humor publication in the country. Yet unlike all other publications, we only have a few advertisers. The empty bottoms of our pages are inviting you to become one of our very first, groundbreaking advertisers in a humor newsmagazine that will only grow and become more popular in the future. Get in on the action now, baby.

Most importantly, have you seen our ad rates? They are without a doubt cheaper than any other print advertiser in the city, and you will receive longer exposure for your buck. The Travesty is a newsmagazine that is published monthly, meaning that every coffee table, every dorm room, every backpack, keeps their Travesties for at least 28-31 days. Many issues are never thrown away, collected by fans for repeated consumption. How many newsmagazines can say that? Just think how many clients you can attract with such a small and smart investment.

Print advertising

Size 1x $15 pci 3x* $13 pci 6x* $11 pci
full 5 col x 11.5" $862.50 $747.50 $632.50
back 5 col x 11.5"
15% upcharge
$911.88 $859.62 $727.37
half 5 col x 5.5" $412.50 $357.50 $302.50
quater 3 col x 5" $225.00 $195.00 $165.00
full 2 col x 4" $120.00 $104.00 $88.00
* 3x = semester, 6x = year

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