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Iím just like Meredith from Greyís Anatomy!
by Jennifer Caldwell, Nursing Major

Did you watch the season premier of Greyís? Arenít you just totally loving it? I know this might seem a little obsessive, but I can totally see myself being just like Meredithís character when Iím an intern.

Now, I donít just mean the obvious stuff. Of course, medicine is a big part of both of our lives, and my roommate once said I look a little bit like Ellen Pompeo. We both have medium-length, light brown hair and you know, piercing blue eyes. But besides that, there are some pretty freaky coincidences.

Well, you know how Meredithís mother has Alzheimerís, and itís super sad and all? Well, my dadís grandmother had Alzheimerís just before she died, so I totally understand what Meredith is going through with that.

Also, even though my mom never cheated on my dad with the chief of the hospital, my parents did get divorced when I was in the ninth-grade.

Some people think Meredith is too self-absorbed and distracted by her love life to be a good doctor, but I donít think thatís true at all. I think we both have the ability to balance our romantic interests with our professional ones. Like, this one time when I crashed at my boyfriendís after his bar tab, and I totally almost overslept for my 8 a.m. clinical. Since I was still a little tipsy, he had to drop me off at the hospital, and it totally reminded me of whenever one of the Greyís characters gets too wasted at The Emerald City Bar. Or whenever they get caught having sex in the Seattle Grace Hospital.

Ever since I started watching Greyís I just canít stop listening to that new band The Fray. It totally seems like the kind of music Meredith would like too, you know, cause itís quirky but romantic. Just like me!

What really makes me think Iím just like Meredith is our crazy complicated love lives. Remember how in the first season sheís like head over heals for Dr. McDreamy? But then in the last episode she finds out heís still legally married? Well, I started calling my boyfriend, Jason McKendree, Jason McDreamy back when I first got into the show. And you wonít believe this, but when Meredith finds out McDreamy is married I honestly freaked out that my ďMcDreamyĒ might be married too! He pretended like that annoyed him, but I know he was secretly flattered.

Whenever I walk around St. Davidís Hospital for my clinicals, I always find myself pretending Iím Meredith. Like, thereís this sorta dorky guy on my rotation who Iím pretty sure has a crush on me, just like George and Meredith! Also, my resident is always yelling at me and freaking out because she thinks Iím flirting instead of tending to patients. Sheís such a Dr. Bailey!

Oh my God, you know how Dr. Burke got shot at the end of last season, and like, Christina and everybody were so depressed because he couldnít use his arm for surgery? Its totally like the time my kitten got declawed, and she couldnít use her favorite scratching post anymore — poor baby.

So yeah, even though Iím only a junior and a nursing major, I think most people would agree that Iím just like Meredith. In fact, even though my roommateís boyfriend just broke his leg and three ribs in a car accident, Iím thinking of cheating on my boyfriend with my hot ex just to keep the attention revolving around me!
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