February 2006 (v8 i4)
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february Campus Spotlight

Steve Spincycle
elusive underwear thief

Travesty: Tell us about yourself.
Steve: Iím a third-year computer science major. Oh, and I steal womenís underwear from campus-area dryers.
Travesty: Why?
Steve: I enjoy wearing them as earmuffs. Iím a fan of the smell, too.
Travesty: But arenít they already clean if you take them from the dryers?
Steve: I can still pick up a scent.
Travesty: Whatís your most memorable score?
Steve: Thatíd be D-Day, June 6, 2002. Nine thongs, four pairs of granny panties and three g-strings. Boo-ya! [Reflective pause] God, that girl must only do laundry once a month.
Travesty:Alright, last question. Boxers or briefs?
Steve: To wear or steal?
Steve: Definitely boxers. Briefs irritate my grundle.
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